Mexican Tequila Rosé



Cherry and citrus


Berries, vanilla

- Final -

Grape, red fruits and a touch of vanilla


- Type -

Tequila Rosé Joven

- Singularity -

100% natural


Made from 100% Weber Blue Agave


Aged in Merlot barrels

"A 100% natural DELUXE Tequila Rosé DELUXE 100% natural".

Inspired by the character of the goddess Tlanchana, Celosa, which means "jealous", is an ultra premium 100% natural tequila joven, made 100% from 7 year old Weber blue agave directly hand grown in the highlands of the state of Jalisco, Mexico. Our tequila's natural rosy colour and silky finish are the result of the perfect combination of the extraordinary blanco tequila and the pure essence of the Merlot grape. Celosa is so deliciously perfect that you can't help but fall in love.

"Celosa is a reflection of the love and passion of our Mexican producers who have managed to share their most precious secrets from 13 generations in the making of this exceptional tequila." 

Celosa's excellence lies in the unique fusion of centuries-old know-how, guaranteeing a high quality process from field to bottle. Our tequila producers and winemakers, stemming from thirteen generations, and our Maestro Tequilero Jaime Villabos Sauza, descended from five generations, together ensure the development of Celosa from start to finish.

100% natural

We produce our tequila in small batches so that we source 100% of the Weber Blue agaves found on our farm. Grown without pesticides and in a sustainable manner, they are then picked by hand. We make sure they reach the perfect degree of ripeness and sugar content so that its heart, piña, is succulent enough to make our tequila.

Respect for a tradition

Our Celosa tequila is made in one of the highest points of the state of Jalisco east of Guadalajara in "Hacienda la Capilla "one of the best distilleries in Mexico. The warm climate, altitude and highly mineral red volcanic soil of these highlands provide the perfect environment for growing our Tequilana Weber agave.

The spirit of a vintage

Celosa's secret lies in the unique fusion of ancestral know-how combined with a unique process that consists of resting the blanco tequila in French oak barrelsçoak barrels formerly used for the production of merlot. This innovation softens the tequila, giving it a silky finish and a distinctive pink color.


Although Celosa can be used to make delicious cocktails, we prefer to drink it neat and as fresh as possible. Its fruity, delicate taste complements desserts or serves as an appetizer/course de resistance.

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