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Driven by the desire to share our passion and discover our exceptional spirits.

A return to simplicity and proximity

Symbol of excellence and authenticity

Spirit Brothers is committed to reflecting the richness of its spirits while respecting tradition and honouring craftsmanship and authenticity.

Our brands




Vodka without artificial flavours and additives obtained from wheat and rye by taking an etorite cut of the distillate. Produced from certified Alpha Grade spirits with a methanol content of less than 0.000021%.


Founded in the historic Permalko distillery by the descendant of the great Russian Emperor Alexander II, Jan Bernadotte.


Russian vodka.



Handcrafted Joven Mezcal, traditionally made without electricity or chemicals, from 100% Espadin agaves that take 7 years to mature before being cultivated by hand.


Produced by Maestros mezcaleros in the high mountains of San Juan del Rio, in a remote area of Oaxaca at 5,000 feet above sea level where the terrain, soils and warm climate are suited to the cultivation and fermentation of agave.


Mexican Mezcal.





Kentucky straight bourbon, 5 years old, handcrafted in small batches from corn, rye and barley and aged in new heavily charred American oak barrels


Inspired by John Wayne's personal collection of spirits and memoirs sealed since 1979 and crafted by his son Ethan and master blender Chris Radomski at the O.Z Tyler distillery.


American bourbon.

Preserving our spirit

pioneer, cultivate

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our creative boldness

and a certain art of living


Passion at the source

Getting back to the essence of things

Spirit Brothers works for a true family spirit and invites you to enter the universe of its brands. Each discovery arouses an emotion and our ambition is to share it with you.

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