Mexican Mezcal



Smoky hues
and a hint of honey

Fresh agave, nuts,
fruit, green vegetables

- Final -

Spicy score


- Type -

Mezcal joven artisanal

- Singularity -


100% AGAVE espadin
7 years of maturity

"Somos todos animales"

Produced in the highlands of San Juan del Rio in Oaxaca, Mahani is a handcrafted an artisanal mezcal joven made from Espadin agaves that take 7 years to mature before being cultivated by hand. The Zapotec Indians work with their heart and soul to elaborate this elixir of life, without electricity or artificial yeast, repeating like a ritual the same gestures as their ancestors. Mahani, "animal" in Zapotecos, is the totem buried in our subconscious: we are all animals.

"Legend says that Mezcal was born when the fertility goddess Mayahuel was struck by the gods and transformed into an agave, from which this sacred liquor flowed. " 

For millennia, Zapotec high priests and shamans have imbibed mezcal to purify body and soul. They drank it to reach a heightened state of consciousness and discover a path between reality and the ultimate human triumph: transforming themselves into their spirit animal.

Respect for traditions

The Mahani distillery is located on a mountaintop in San Juan Del Rio, Mexico, in a remote area of Oaxaca at 5,000 feet above sea level where the terrain, soils and warm climate are suited to the cultivation and fermentation of agave.

An ancestral Savoir-faire

Fermented and distilled in palenques, the master Mezcalero harvests and stews the ripe agaves in a hole in the ground.


Finding sustainable ways to use agave through responsible production strategies is therefore our main philosophy. That's why we always seek to take care of the land, its ecosystem and the people working with it. Our fermentation process is 100% natural.

Oaxaca Mule-

5 cl Mahani mezcal ◊ 1.5 cl fresh lemon juice ◊ 6 cl ginger beer ◊ copper cup or highball

Tommy Reloaded-

5 cl Mahani Mezcal ◊ 1,5 cl Agave nectar ◊ 1,5 cl Fresh lime juice Fresh coriander ◊ Small goblet / small rock glass

Bloody Smoky Mary-

3/4 cup tomato juice ◊ 6 cl mezcal ◊ 2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice ◊ 1 teaspoon freshly grated horseradish, sriracha and Worcestershire sauce ◊ 1 stalk celery ◊ copper cup or HIGHTBALL

Embracing mezcal

Mahani is best enjoyed in the traditional way,that is to say, slowly

To get a better feel for the aromas of mezcal, pour a few drops of mezcal into the palm of your hands and rub them together. Breathe in the smoky, fruity scent.

Moisten your lips with the Mezcal-soaked jicaras to detect the first subtle notes.

Keep it for a few seconds in your mouth to experience all the inviting flavours of this Mexican elixir of life.

This is where the magic begins.

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