Creator of brands of excellence.

The desire to help as many people as possible discover the gold nuggets of tomorrow has led Spirit Brothers to explore the four corners of the world to meet the men and women, master craftsmen and distillers.

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Spirit-Brothers is a journey, a passage to new horizons where you can meet spirits with with a unique vision and know-how.

A collaborative platform

Spirit Brothers provides a showcase for these excellent brands, creating a contemporary, super-premium range of spirits with a unique character that they expect to expand internationally.

 This collaborative platform is the reflection of an authentic history, a strong identity and an ambition that is taking shape a little more each day. More than just an offer of rare quality spirits, Spirit Brothers is a community, a way of life and a state of mind.

To transmit a new way of to enjoy, to love.
To inspire new generations.

Respect for traditions

The Spirit Brothers philosophy begins with a love for tradition without obscuring evolution. Spirit Brothers is committed to establishing a virtuous circle by participating in the preservation of artisanal know-how, by listening carefully to the distiller and the bottler, and by respecting the consumer.

Eco-responsible production

As a reasoned hedonist, Spirit Brothers is committed to caring for the land, its ecosystem and the people who work it. This is why, with the aim of building a sustainable production, Spirit Brothers has put in place several initiatives. Firstly, by quantifying and reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of its products and by paying each actor a fair price while seeking to improve their living conditions.


Who is behind Spirit Brothers?

Hugues Pietrini, after a long career in the beverages industry where he held the positions of President and CEO of Orangina Schweppes, Global Managing Director of Moët Hennessy, President and CEO of Stoli Group, decided to give free rein to his entrepreneurial spirit. In 2020, he founded Spirit Brothers and asked Georges Alexandre Congost to join him with his fifteen years of experience at Moët Hennessy and Stoli Group.

Their mutual taste for team spirit, their passion for customers and iconic brands, their artistic fibre and their shared international experience have led them to realise a common dream. This dream, like an evidence, reflects their convictions and values to create a range of exceptional spirits. 

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