St. Martin's rum



Toasted notes
and woody, candied fruits, caramel

notes of cocoa, liquorice and a touch of beeswax

- Final -

A touch of cinnamon and candied fruit notes



Flag of France

- Type -

Rum Blend
Saint Martinois

- Singularity -

Blended at
10 years old
Made with Agricole rum and molasses rum
Static air aging

"The tradition of

Elaborated with passion by our Master Blender Olivier Kleinhans in Saint-Martin, Gouverneur 1648 is the result of an original blend of several aged rums. It is mainly produced with agricultural rum and molasses rum from Marie-Galante, Guadeloupe and the Dominican Republic. Imbued with the heritage and identity of St. Martin, Gouverneur 1648 pays homage to the Treaty of Condordia by creating a rum that embodies the cultural diversity and sharing values of this bi-national island.

Oliver Kleinhans

"Born of the desire to prolong the history and revive the spirit of rum in Saint-Martin, Olivier Kleinhans raises these rums from the West Indies in the purest tradition in his cellars in Saint-Martin. " 

Carefully selected, these rums are made from freshly pressed cane juice and molasses, with no added sugar or coloring, and are not cold filtered, thus representing the most sincere expression of their producer and their origin.

path in a field


Gouverneur 1648 uses mainly the following sugar cane varieties: R570 white, red and blue. Grown between Marie-Galante, Guadeloupe and the Dominican Republic, they are then harvested, cut by hand and transported fresh to the distillery by tractor or horse.

The wealth of know-how

Our rums are distilled using a wide variety of methods,
including continuous column distillation for Guadeloupe rums and triple distillation for Dominican Republic rums.

bronze column
Greyish barrels

The art of mastery

Each year, during its ageing, the rum will lose both degree and volume. This is why we have introduced the static aerated method for ageing our rums, which consists of replenishing the level of the barrels each year with identical rums of the same age.

Old fashioned-

GLASS OF ROCHE ◊ 50 ml rum ◊ 1 teaspoon Demerara syrup ◊ 1 dash Angostura Bitters ◊ 1 dash Orange Bitters ◊ Orange twist

· 1648 ·

Glass of rock ◊ 50 ml rum ◊ 20 ml Rota Tintilla ◊ 15 ml maple syrup ◊ 2 drops of chocolate bitters ◊ Lime caviar ◊ Chocolate leaf and lime twist

- The Chairman -

Martini glass ◊ 50 ml rum ◊ 15 ml Cointreau ◊ 15 ml Lillet Blanc ◊ 2 dashes grenadine ◊ Orange twist


Instructions: Serve 5 minutes before tasting at room temperature in a stemmed glass with a wide base that closes at the top.

Step 1: TOUCH - First pour a small drop of rum into your hand and rub it in before bringing it to your nose.

Step 2: CONTEMPLATE - Look at its colour and enjoy its mahogany colour with copper highlights.

glass half full icon

Step 3: SMELL - Smell it deeply by passing the glass from one nostril to the other and let the aromas slowly waft through.

Step 4: TASTE - Start with a small sip on the tip of your tongue and hold for a few seconds to experience all the flavours and complexity of our rum.


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